Games not running in Full Screen

Recently (the last couples weeks) I've had a peculiar issue: some games refuse to go full screen.

Sleeping dogs and Dragon Age 2 both won't go fullscreen (DA 2 used to, months ago when I played it). I check the full screen option, the screen goes black, it asks me if I want to keep the changes - but when it comes back, its still just a large window! Sleeping dogs knows it doesnt work, and has automatically unchecked the fullscreen option. DA2 has not.

On the other hand, Starcraft 2 and Dragon Age: Origins both do run in full screen.

All 4 games are running at my primary monitors native resolution 1920x1200 (I have 2 monitors, both the same resolution)

All of this is happening on a 480 GTX for which I have just deleted and re installed clean drivers.

All the games except Starcraft 2 are run through steam.

I'm at a complete loss.
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  1. Additionally: One time, and only once, when I ran DA2, it said "Another application is preventing Dragon Age 2 from entering full screen mode. Please close all other applications and try again" -- google has no results for this and it hasnt done it since.
  2. hmm, only thing i can even think of trying is to switch what screen the game comes up on.
    is monitor 1 the screen the game starts in, or the extended monitor?
    also does it do the same thing with only one monitor plugged in?
  3. It comes on monitor 1, I've actually already tried disabling monitor 2 in the display settings (Switching from Extended Display to Show Desktop Only on 1)
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