where to plug in case fans?

could someone tell where the case fans get thier power from? I'm building my computer for the first time (or I will be) so I haven't actually had a chance to look close up at the different power connections, etc... Do they get power directly from the psu? the motherboard? Is it possible to mix up power connectors for something else (like a floppy power cable, etc...) with power connectors for case fans? If so, how do I avoid doing that? Thanks in advance.

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  1. The fan for the case? Well that uses the PSU power. The Cable with 4 prongs can be connect to the power cables connected to the CD rom and hdd. They all use the same power source.

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  2. the case fans dont always use the molex connector for the psu. sometimes they are 3prong, or two prong, and plug into the motherboard...but this is usually discouraged...due to the fact that it can burn out the fan headers on the motherboard by drawing too much current. so you get an adapter so you can plug a 3prong fan into the psu directly...
    but UAUALLY case fans are 4pin molex connectors...and plug directly into the psu.


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  3. how many fans can I plug into one psu? The psu I'd be getting would be an enermax ATX +12V 465 Watt (or possibly the fan adjustable ones): <A HREF="http://www.enermax.com.tw/products/switch-main.htm" target="_new">here</A>

    and I'd have a floppy drive, a dvd-rom drive, a cd-rw drive, and at least 2 case fans.


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  4. correction to the above post. I'd probably be getting the active pfc series of the enermax psu. the link should be the same, just select from the dropdown list.

    thanks again.

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  5. you should be able to put as many fans as you can fit in there...SHOULD...i dunno..i have never tested the limits...
    but add up the power consumption of your fans in watts, and see what the 12v line on the psu can handle...and then add that to the other 12v devices in your system...
    but i know you can have a lot of fans, especially with a 465w psu...that should be good to go with your setup.


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  6. alright, as you can see, I'm an idiot. they're not 465 W power supplies, they're just labeled with 465 for some reason, but they're 431W power supplies. either way, I'm getting ONE of them. I suppose I'll post in a different board to figure out how to understand the difference between them. grrr.

    <b>Studies have shown that most people prefer the taste of AMD to the taste of Intel</b>
  7. you should be fine...
    even if it is 431watts.
    in my system, i have the following.
    40gig maxtor d740x
    10gig maxtor 91021u2
    24x cdburner
    256 megs ddr
    2 40mm fans (in front, i THINK they are 40mm...they are small...)
    cpu fan..volcano6cu
    ustoyo 120mm HIGH output fan...108cfm
    ecs k7s5a
    and i have a usb wheel mouse optical, and my light up mouse pad...all this is running off a generic 350w psu...with no problems...
    oh yeah, i have a 10" blue sound activated neon also...and other mods...like leds, and switches...
    so you should be FINE.... :smile:


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  8. like to share a picture or info about that light up mouse pad? Sound interesting, something I would buy because it look good or something. :)

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  9. hmm...well..i dont have a webcam...or a digicam...or a normal cam....HEHE...
    but i might be able to get my friend to lend me his digicam...
    it is really slick. and bright!! lol...
    if i get pics, i will post them somewhere...
    if you want me to divulge a little info about the pad, give me an email, because so far, this is the only one i have seen like it...and dont really want to go around letting everyone know...although i do like to help people out. its just one of my real good ideas...lol..you know.
    so email me, and i will write back.


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  10. my mouse pad disapeard under the pile of junk on my desk long ago

    you shot who in the what now?
  11. I don't use pad since using optical, used to have the 3M gel rest thing, but it got busted like a bad boob job and I didn't feel comfy having that "thing" touching my skin.

    Still can't find anyone to cut tiny bearing balls in half for me to replace my mouse rubber feet. I hate cleaning those and they get dirty in a day (I might use it more than others), but at least less to clean compared to the ball mouse.

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  12. cut the heads off .22 calibur bullets. thats what i did to make the winamp buttons on my computer. they are very soft lead so theyre easy to cut. :::::do not hold the cartridge in a vice grip!!!!!::::::::

    you shot who in the what now?
  13. i use a mouse pad because the fact that the feet got messy in like a day...like you said...and it makes the mouse QUITE sluggish.
    but if i was going to use a mouse pad, i was going to jazz it up a bit...because i can not stand a boring mouse pad...lol...or boring case...heh...lol... :smile:
    about the bullets, doesnt the lead rub off the mouse and onto the surface? i would think that the BBs would be MUCH smoother...but why cut them in half...? i can think of ways to put a BB into the bottom of my mouse without having to do the impossible task of cutting a BB in half...think of the logistics! INSANE! lol...
    bbs is a great idea tho.


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  14. ignore the re:....

    no ammo cutting! Hell with my luck I would hurt myself, or my dog, maybe wife! Led would be all over on my desk, not a good idea, it's something I would want to rub my hand into for hours every day (led poisoning comes to mind). Also it would rub away, while bearing balls wouldn't. Maybe if I heat up the balls and then push them into the mouse, but if I screw up they go through or the mouse going to be tilting. Have to think it over and see, open mouse to see space...

    No mouse shooting! LOL man you guys are nuts!

    <font color=red>We born naked and screaming, then it gets worse.</font color=red>
  15. hmm...well, you could test the ball bearing trick on another mouse...if you have one...
    what i was thinking is get some big ones, and then make holes. get bbs that are just a bit smaller than the holes you make.
    there are screw holes in mice, where they put the pads.
    or at least there is two on the microsoft optical mice. you could jam the bbs in there...or fill the hole with silicone sealant, and then press the bbs in to equal depth. a drill small holes for two more bbs in the front of the mouse. and do the same thing.


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