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So recently some of my games have not been working... the games merely start and then 3-5 seconds in hit a black screen and say (game) has stopped working.... The games are Mirrors Edge, Portal 1 and 2 as well as Diablo 3... only these games (so far) some of the games that work are games like BF3 and Civilization 5.... is there something similar about mirrors edge and the rest of the non-working games that makes them crash? I need you guys' help.
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    Is there a error code or anything?
  2. No it just says checking.... and boom nothing... just closes the windows and i dont know anything..... I have nothing to search for and no leads on anything
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  4. All fixed.. something in the nvidia drivers had to be screwing up.. I updated to the beta drivers that Introduce TXAA and it fixed all the games :D
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