Rat 5 is dying...what now

I got a rat 5 and loved it... a week later the lazer is failing and i have a few other cons.

I want a new mouse in the 50 dllar pricew range.

I dont like the material it uses because it show sweat residue.

i like the way it fits in my hand

I want atleast 2 side buttons and a presice aim button

I absolutely love the scrull wheel.

I am getting it to use with a k60 keyboard.

I will use it for fps

That is it and thank you.
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  1. As far as the precision aim goes... i believe the "Roccat Kone +" has one, but it is out of your price range. There arent many mice with that particular function, as it is kind of pointless...

    I know with mice that support macros and adjustable DPI, such as many razer and logitech mice, you can create a custom macro to toggle between two different DPI settings, giving you the desired effect
  2. M60 is a great mouse.
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