[Solved] Battlefield 3 will not launch and freezes my computer

Whenever I try to launch battlefield 3 (single or multiplayer, same thing happens for both) from origin or it will say "Joining Server" but the game won't launch, then my computer slowly gets choppier until it freezes up completely. It occasionally does this even before I click a server to join and just going through the battlelog page.

I've tried every solution I could find to similar problems online. I've reinstalled, repaired, updated my drivers, tried disabling my onboard sound, tried disabling SLI, and more and nothing seems to work. This happens with only Battlefield 3.

It's worth mentioning as well that I've played BF3 with no problems with the same video cards and hard drive, I've just recently replaced my mobo, RAM, and processor.

ASRock Z77 Extreme 6
Intel i5-3570
2x NVIDIA GeForce 8800 512
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

Thanks, let me know if you need any more info.
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  1. Then your problem must persist with one of your new components.
  2. I've tried with each individual stick of RAM but it has the same problem. Could it be a processor thing? Or something running that came with the mobo driver disk? I completely wiped my hard drive before I put this together so I don't think it's an issue there.
  3. Did you reinstal the OS and game after changing the motherboard? I know you said you wiped the drive, but it's hard to tell if you wiped it when you originally built the system or when you changed motherboards.

    If you didn't wipe the drive after changing motherboards, I recommend a clean install of the OS and game, at the very least, reinstall the game.
  4. Yeah I wiped the drive when I put all the new parts in and had a clean install of the OS afterward.

    I've tried reinstalling the game as well. Fully and parts of it (read somewhere it could be a punkbuster problem so I reinstalled just that once too).
  5. I just noticed you have an SLI configuration. Have you tried running it on a single GPU?
  6. Yes, I read to try that somewhere so I did, still a no go.
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    Well I ended up fixing it. I did two things:

    First, installed it to my storage hard drive. This fixed the lagging/freezing issue (so I guess something is up with my first HDD) but the game still wouldn't launch after I hit play from battlelog.

    So second, I went into properties for both BF3 and Origin and marked for both to run as administrator under the compatibility tab. Now the games running fine.
  8. Raptr is a hacking program btw. Yep... I had a problem that I kept logging in forever and it turns out Raptr + Origin = HAAACKS! Dumb I know but I exited raptr and works perfeclty fine (I tihnk its called raptr... the amd thing that u play games and get points to buy stuff)
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