Adastraea Falls Short

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Application rejected.

Invictvs dislikes drama; to prevent it, applicant discussions are for
full members only. So I have no idea who thought I wasn't good enough.
All I do know is, one fine day I can't access the parts of the guild
website I could the day before. I logged on that night to find my
fears were true. Adastraea was no longer tagged. She had not made the cut.

Just as well, I suppose. It had become clear that the guild was not
my interests very well, either. I really need a guild that can get me groups
and raids at the odd hours I play, not a prime-time guild that raids mostly
during my work hours. I hadn't actually grouped with my old KR friends
in a while; they're prime time people too. About the only good thing the
guild got for me was my Fire flag, so now I can do tables. But it's time to
move on.

Adas is near the end of her developmental life. A few more AA's beckon,
but the real fun in playing her would be raids, which are weekend only
for me. Still, she can make money fast, and take down some tough mobs.
While grinding with an alt in Dreadlands, someone noted "Gorenaire is up".
Someone else replied they were doing her, their raid had wiped once already.
Chance! I switched to Adas and moved to the mouth of the Lost Valley
tunnel. The raid didn't invite me, and I didn't ask, but I wanted to see
help I could give.
Gore was pulled. I waited a minute to let the MT get aggro, then popped
Infusion of the Faithful and moved in, basking in the joy of resisting
everything Gore could throw at me. I threw some stuff back: Tears of the
Sun - one solid hit. Firebane -resisted! Damn belly-casters. I get in close
and throw banes and Thundakas, taking great big chunks off her life
as the raid starts to lose people. I try to be judicious with my nuking
to let the MT keep aggro. Finally, Gore gets down to 25% - nine seconds
to death for a 32000 hit point mob against a manaburn. Ye gods, I actually
KS'd them. I left them to their loot, happy to have been of service.
IotF may have been a mistake for SOE. It's going to trivialize a lot of
raid encounters. Mobs you wouldn't dream of getting into AE range of
will be crowded with people. Raid leaders won't have such a hard time
convincing people to get close; they won't have to rely on bards, and
the timing of their songs, to resist Dragon Roar and such.

My alts beckon. Celune can get groups i the upper levels, but her
main purpose was to sell buffage, now found not to be very profitable,
and lots of poeple won't settle for Virtue anymore. They'll wait two hours
for someone to do Conviction. What's a lowly cleric with only Temperance
to do?
Same for Nunevieu; people only want KEI, twenty levels away from her.
I am finding more fun in my melees. I like to see the huge damage levels
they get with regular hits. A hundred points here, fifty more commonly.
No one is more aware of the difference in DPS vs. wizards, but melees
need more controls used, especially monks. I'll have to see what I can do
about getting Grugg, Tosev, and Neuv up to the point where gear with
required levels in the 50's are useful to them.
The best place for melees in their late 40's is Echo Caverns south.
Before the merger with Bertox, these were something of a secret. Now
everyone knows about them, about the low DPS of the mobs, thier
soloability by melees, the easy path to 50. The camps are always taken.
I have to head out to Dulak again. Ah, well.

On Drinal, Cadwen is through PC and heading into Echo Caverns north.
He will be back to the bandits, though, to make serious money when
he gets stronger pets. But I know, in theory, that my best bet for making
a solid base for later alts is to work on Quellious, where my frog wizard
still has PC ahead of him. Once he gets to 29, he can quad, and things
take off from there.

So many alts, so little time...


On Bertoxxulous:
[70 Wizard] Adastraea Starwind (High Elf) of Erollisi Marr
[61 Druid] Rabotev Startree (Wood Elf) of Tunare
[43 Warrior] Gruggoredil Dullwit (Barbarian) of Rallos Zek
[48 Monk] Tosev Starfist (human) of Quellious
[46 Shadow Knight] Neuveniu Sinstorm (Dark Elf) of Innoruuk
[40 Enchanter] Nuneveiu Arworthi (Dark Elf)
[49 Cleric] Celune (High Elf) of Tunare
[40 Beastlord] Grukyn (Vah Shir)

On Drinal:
[24 Bard] Greban (Vah Shir)
[25 Magician] Cadwen (High Elf)

On Firiona Vie:
[32 Cleric] Adastra Peraspera (High Elf) of Tunare

On Quellious:
[14 Wizard] Phrogment (Froglok) of Mithaniel Marr
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    | Just as well, I suppose. It had become clear that the guild
    | was not serving my interests very well, either.

    The Guilds on "Drinal Marr" are depressing now anyway. I have yet to
    locate a guild that actually operates as a cooperative as they should.

    I wouldnt worry about not getting into I.V. as I'm sure you arent
    missing anything.
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