XBOX 360 - HDMI sound drop-out

I'm having problems with my sound dropping out on occasion. It will typically happen when there's a sudden a more intense audio sequence going on. I've tried two different high quality cables and two different HDMI TV inputs to no avail. For quality reasons I'd like stick with HDMI. Any suggestions?
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  1. the hdmi port on your xbox or tv may be broken, try the tv with a different xbox/dvd player or whatever. If the it works fine then its your xbox
  2. Since this issue falls under warrantee I decided not to mess around and just bite the bullet and send it in.
  3. Was it an Xbox original HDMi cable?
  4. No. Are you implying that an Xbox HDMI cable is unique in some way?
  5. NO, but the 3rd party cable might void the warranty ^^
  6. Ahhhh... gotcha. Good point.

    Fortunately, they have honored the warranty. Didn't even quibble about it. With luck it'll be back to me by the end of this week.
  7. I'm holding thumbs for you mate..!
  8. LOL... me too. We're going through withdrawals.
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