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Hello,My Girlfriend wants to buy Battlefield 3 on PC and play on mine. I already have Battlefield downloaded and the CD key on my account. So since I already have the Game itself installed. Can she just use her CD key on her account. Instead of having to download a whole other copy of the game? I'd prefer to save space. If this is not possible then alright. But I am just curious
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  1. Yes you can, or at least i can, i have battlefield 3 and battlefield 3 unlimited (premuim) 2 different keys on my account and theres only one folder on the installation folders, clicking on any of the 2 games on origin opens the same game with my expansion packs since the installation path its the same you only need to have one copy and both accounts will access the same game files
  2. Yes, it will work without any problems whatsoever.
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