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Hello Everyone,

Today, Rockstar Games released some new screenshots of the next installement of the Grand Theft Auto series, GTA V !
Some of you guys may know about it, some of you may not but check them out anyway !

So those screenshots are basicly showing the transport vehicles and the graphics too so here you go :

-So this first screenshot here is showing a guy driving a bike in a beach, so as you can see bikes from San Andreas are now back in Grand Theft Auto V ! Also you can see there is some sweat at the back of the guy so that shows up that in the game when you do a sport activity, your character will be sweaty so that's a very cool thing, also you can see the great reflexions and shadows and of course that huge beach :

-In this second screenshot we're seeing a sports car, wich is the "CHEETAH", it has made a return too, as you can see the car 3D model looks so good, texturing, reflexions everything looks so sick, also a little bit of dirt at the bottom of the door, so now when you drive a car in a place where there is mood or something like that, it will get dirty, on the licence plate nothing special, it says "OCT" just as all the licence plates on the cars that we saw in the first Trailer, "OCT" can be october, can be the release date of the game or something no body knows yet, also it says "San Andreas", the game can be in Los Santos only, also it can be in the entire San Andreas (Los Santos, Las Venturas, and San Fierro) again no body knows anything yet, and finally it says "56PMA440" nothing special just the number of the car.

-And in this last screenshot, we're seeing the huge city from sky-view, and also the jets wich made a return from San Andreas to Grand Theft Auto V too ! somebody asked Rockstar why they didn't include jets in Grand Theft Auto IV, they said because it's the first new-gen graphics Grand Theft Auto game that they made and the city was too small for jets, so now Grand Theft Auto V have a very large city enough for flying jets around. Jets can fire rockets as you can see. Now, to the guy driving the Jet, that guy actually looks like the guy that you can see in the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto V, the guy looking from the balcony wearing the suit, also we saw that guy driving the blue car and getting out from the van wearing the gas mask in the first trailer, and now maybe it's him inside the jet, so that means that the main character can be him.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned this week there are more screenshots of GTA V to come, i'll make sure to do a full detailed review for the new ones coming too.

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  1. Well, the first and third screenshots are pretty much blurred, but in the second I can't see any good quality graphics you mentioned.. GTA 4 with mods looks way better than that, Rockstar could at least have made it similar.
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