Girlfriend wanting her own profile of Battlefield 3 on my PC help

My Girlfriend wants to buy Battlefield 3 on PC and play on mine. I already have Battlefield downloaded and the CD key on my account. So since I already have the Game itself installed. Can she just use her CD key on her account. Instead of having to download a whole other copy of the game? I'd prefer to save space. If this is not possible then alright. But I am just curious

Asking again because nobody answered. Maybe I'm to impatient. Sorry for any annoyance.
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  1. Why is it necessary for her to have her own account? Can't you just create two soldiers on the same account? I mean when you're sharing the computer, two accounts would be a waste of money
  2. I agree with the above, I don't see why to buy another copy for the same PC.

    But even if you buy it, you won't have to redownload it. Just log out of your origin account and log in to hers.
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    You cant have 2 soldiers on one account in BF3

    If she buys her copy she will need to register it with origin etc I believe then yes all she will need do is login on your machine.
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