Good Forza 4 PC Equivalent?

I built a gaming pc a few months ago to replace my xbox, but I still enjoy playing Forza 4.

Can anyone recommend a game like Forza 4 for PC? Grand Turismo, Dirt 3, and Forza are the only racing games I know of.

I want a game like Forza on my PC, and I don't mean there are cars and I race them.

I love the deep customization and buying realistic, everyday cars, spanning from the 50's to now, not a bunch of supercars with with sponsor names all over it and ruining the looks.

Is there any PC game like Forza? I love the game, but I hate my Xbox.
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  1. Need for speed: shift 2
  2. You could look into Emulation. If you own Forza you should be able to use the disk on your PC. Or create a backup of the disk and play from the ISO. This is not Illegal so long as you own the original. You will not be able to play online though. Check the steam marketplace, you might be able to find something similar.
  3. ^
    You cannot emulate xbox 360.
  4. just be sure to get a xbox controller for your pc or a wheel. most pc keyboard controls for racing games are pretty bad in my opinion.
  5. Sunius said:
    You cannot emulate xbox 360.

    Yes you can
  6. ReaperKrew said:

    xbox's are not xbox360's.

    OP, Need For Speed: Shift 2 (titled Shift 2 in most places) is the closest thing to Forza on PC. Dirt 2 and 3 and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit might be up your alley as well. I'd recommend a wheel for Shift 2, Dirt 2 and Dirt 3. I'd recommend a dual analog controller for Hot Pursuit.
  7. shift 2 with real tire mods forza was always a bit more arcade racer than sim so i would say grid would likely be a good replacement.
  8. Sorry for reviving a pretty old thread, but Assetto Corsa
  9. Sorry for reviving a pretty old thread, but Project Cars
  10. forza 4 is on PC now :)
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