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I was just wondering if a heatsink with no fan is enough to cool the CPU. Many graphics cards and motherboard chipsets have a heatsink but no fan so does this apply to CPUs as well?


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  1. Sure it is. It all depends on what you are trying to cool and how many degrees C/W you are trying to disipate.

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  2. Thanks, so if I stick my finger on my CPU fan and stop it, the CPU will still remain at a safe temperature?

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  3. Like I said it depends on what you are trying to cool.

    What CPU and Speed?

    What heatsink do you have on it?

    What fan is on the HS?

    If it is a PII, K6-2, etc. or older don't worry about stopping the fan. If newer you still will probably be okay.

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  4. Thanks, I have a XP1700+ with an Akasa 765 heatsink and fan

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  5. Alpha is making some heatsinks designed to work without a fan, but you will still need some airflow in your case to keep the C/W (increase in temperature pr. dissipated Watt)at a resonable level. Here is a link to the Alpha homepage where this is explained: http://www.micforg.co.jp/teselecte.html

    Hope this helps.

    - Andreas
  6. Okay, So why did you want to stop the fan with your finger again??? I don't get why you want to in the first place.

    On an AMD XP, you <font color=red><b>always</font color=red></b> want a heatsink. A fan blowing air on that heatsink is also a <b>really good idea</b>. It can operate without a fan but not without a heatsink to disipate the heat away from the core. So if you want to play with the fan by stopping it with your finger go ahead. I wouldn't do it for long.

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  7. <A HREF="http://www.micforg.co.jp/teselecte.html" target="_new">Just making it clickable...</A>

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  8. About stopping the fan - Peace and tranquilty. I have one CPU fan and six case fans but I was just wondering if I could turn them all off since I am not overclocking yet. I'm trying to concentrate but the fans are getting more annoying everyday.

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  9. Get quieter fans if it bothers you that much. The Panaflo's are quietest out there; Delta's arguably the loudest. ThermalTake has an 80mm sensor controlled fan that quiets down when the heat drops. Someone's got a 5 1/4 bay device that can control the speed of up to 6 fans but I can't remember where I saw it. Just poke around Google and hit some of the cooling and overclocker sites. ThermalTake's site has a list of their vendors who also sell a lot of other cooling products. Probably saw it at one of those. Also, talk to Josh at www.nexfan.com for ideas.
  10. yes, if you want to buy another one. ll

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  11. Tell me what you are looking. I will go look up a set of fans to help with your quiet search. (Size, CFM, dBA maximum, etc.) It isn't hard to find a cool & quiet solution.

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  12. The device is a Digital Doc 5. I own one. It's ok, it comes with 6 probes that you place throughout the case. As an area heats up to whatever temp you set it, it speeds up/slows/stops the fan when the low end temp you set get's hit. It's an ok device, but $60 at most places. Not sure if I'd recommend it, but if you're really annoyed, it may cycle your fans to eliminate some additional noise. In most cases though, its not the case fans, but rather the HS Fan and PSU fan that are the biggest culprits in case noise.

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