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How do you calculate the air flow/pressure in the case? Do you add up the CFM of the intakes, subtract the exhaust and get zero? Where do you figure in CPU and HD coolers that have no direct exhaust? What about the air getting sucked in the back from the open grills over the backplate by the rear exhaust fans? What if you have more exhaust than intake? Is that bad or good becasue you're moving hot air out?

Putting together the following:

SkyHawk aluminum mid-tower case
SkyHawk aluminum 400W p/s
80mm front case fan (intake)
90mm lateral fan over mobo with rear exhaust
Twin 40mm fans direct rear exhaust opposite front fan
80mm ThermalTake Smart fan in top blow hole
Twin 40mm fan aluminum HD cooler
ThermalTake Volcano 7+ on the CPU
ThermalTake Active Memory Cooler on RAM
ThermalTake HardCano III for V7+ switch and temp guage


Soltek SL-75DRV5 KT333 mobo
512MB Kingston PC2700 DDR RAM
Seagate 80MB 7200RPM HD
ATI Radeon 8500 128MB Retail
CD, floppy, etc...

Looking to overclock the Radeon and maybe tweak the CPU a little. Any thoughts?
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  1. i doubt you could change the pressure by much with just fans. the setup you have described will be sufficient. active coolers on the ram? why? simple heat sinks on ram is a bit of an over kill most of the time, let alone a fan.

    you shot who in the what now?
  2. ouch, dont mind about air pressure in the case because i think its a minor aspect. the main aspect is the air flow under the case which must be high as possible to evacuate under case heat.

    here a little test which maybe could explain you this air flow aspect:
    <A HREF="" target="_new">no case confinement & maximum air flow</A>

    <i>if <b>you know</b> <font color=white>you don't know<font color=black>, the way could be more easy ...
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