Army Men

w00t!!! I just bought Army Men the other day and I am having a blast...nothing like a good old directX 5 game to lighten things up. Its like playing on a nintendo, but the game play sure is fun....

Also a coward...pass the nachos
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  1. Yeah, I've always enjoyed armymen. I've been a big fan of the series since they first came out. I don't know...just something fun about melting tan plastic men...
  2. We had been playing some of the Army Men games in a LAN center near here. They're some good fun.
  3. very enjoyable.
    I was able to play army men 3: toys in space 2 yrs. ago.

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  4. and the ZOMBIE mutator sounds creeeeepy!!!!

    -J<font color=red>//\</font color=red>ECOR™ -
    -J<font color=purple>//\</font color=purple>ECOR™ -
  5. Help I'm MEELLTIIINNG, gives you a break from the gore, and are really fun to play.

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  6. plastic toys don't have blood, isn't it?
  7. I just played that level!!! IT was sooo cool!!!

    "uh oh...zombies."

    Also a coward...pass the nachos
  8. i played it using multiplayer mode. With the zombie sounds.
    i like killing those zombies using the flame thrower:)))) :evil:

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  9. I cheated and used the vulcan cannon...Mucho fun!!!

    Also a coward...pass the nachos
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