Computer not working correctly?

I bought a computer from Ibuypower around November for what I thought was cheap considering the black Friday sales to do some gaming on. It came with a nvidia gtx 560 which I thought was really good for gaming.

It also came with arkham city which played I guess alright graphically with out too much of a frame rate issue.

then I bought the old republic and noticed a big dip in fps in a lot of areas. It got as low as 14 evem after they updated it.

Then I played diablo 3 which again Had laggy issues with frame rate especially when a lot of stuff poped up on screen.

Now I'm trying to play counter strike global offensive and the frame rate is so low its hard to do anything.

I've seen videos of counter strike GO with the same graphics card and they seem to be running pretty smooth. I don't know what is going wrong, or maybe my computer is just really bad? Can you guys please help me out on this? Thanks!

some of my specs:
CPU: AMD FX-6100
Graphics card: GTX 560
Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium
Monitor resolution: 1920x1080
Driver version: 301.42
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  1. Please delete unnecessary info from your post, it will make it more compact and people will more likely help you.

    The only important info you posted:

    CPU: AMD FX-6100
    RAM: 8 GB
    Graphics card: GTX 560
    Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium
    Monitor resolution: 1920x1080
    Driver version: 301.42

    That's about it.

    Anyway, let's commence to the helping part!

    Download HWMonitor from and MSI Afterburner from and use them to check CPU/GPU temperates.

    Use MSI afterburner and Task manager to check GPU and CPU usages.

    Use MSI afterburner to check GPU clocks.

    All of the above checks should be made when the game is on and lagging.

    Due to you having a 6-core CPU, to check its realistic usage I suggest disabling all but two cores in the BIOS (so disable 4 of them).
  2. Ok thanks! I will do that and post what I get. I'm not really that computer savvy when it comes to the hardware part of computers so please bare with me.
  3. No problems ;).
  4. Okay so I have the 2 programs, the task manager, and counter strike GO up running. I have no idea what im really looking at here. also not quite sure how to disable the other processors
  5. First of all, in bios, under advanced configuration and CPU settings, there should be a setting called "Number of active cores" (or something similar). Set that to 2.

    Then in task manager, click on performance tab, and it will say CPU usage in % and you'll see CPU usage history graphs for each core of the last minute.
  6. after doing a lot of searching, I believe i need to get to the Advanced Clock Calibration configuration which my mother board dose not seem to have in the bios.
  7. Do you have a camera or a cell phone with a camera? If you do, could you film the whole bios menu (going step by step) and upload the footage to That way I could tell you exactly where to go.
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