Logitech G600 vs Razor Naga thoughts/experiance?

So I'm assuming someone out there has used both of these at some point, and was looking for some opinions. I previously used a Razor Naga, and as i do a lot of mmo and MOBA gaming, having programmable thumb buttons was amazingly useful. I however have gone through 2 Naga's in under a year due to simply wearing out the click sensor/plastic spring, and after getting a Razor headset with horrible bleed over issues due to poor craftsmanship have decided they're not worth the money in general.

I have since gone through 2 different mice. one steel series that i liked the layout of but had a poor excuse for a driver that only really proved useful if you play WoW on default bindings, and fails to work in game even with UAC turned off completely for a few newer titles... a problem mentioned on a lot of the game forums. the other one was generic Logitech that didn't have as many thumb buttons as i was looking for, but had a fairly reasonable driver that support customizable keys.

So my question is more or less this, Those of you who use a G600, how do you like the configuration of it? Is the driver software acceptable for gaming? Does it let you rebind the buttons to anything or is it locked into a small group of "key strokes"? How is it comfort wise for those with larger hands? i know the Naga's bottom row of buttons was tricky as they were tightly packed together, is the G600 any better?
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  1. nobody with any input?
  2. Out of the two I definitely prefer the Naga. I've had the mouse for around 1.5+ years, and my only regret in buying it is that i didn't spend the extra money on the Elite wireless version.

    Surprisingly enough, I have had better luck with my razer products than anything I have gotten from logitech..
  3. personally i dont rat razer. the naga/ mamba and lachesis all have the same fault. in that after a few months about 50% of them develop a MMB fault where it clicks but nothing happens pc side. the microswitch and mmb seem fine but for some reason(probably the mouses cpu) a signal isnt sent to the pc.
    logitech do make solid mice the 3-4 i have used all worked flawless ly for the 3 years i had the g5 and the others i have used at m8's houses... all are over 3-4 years old now and still going strong...
    they are g5, g500, g9 and g9x ... at xmas i got a rat contagion and can say im very happy with it... the first 1 i got was faulty but im glad to say it seemed like it was a first gen thing... build quality and faults have slowly reduced as the product matured so i would have no hesitation now in recomending em... yes theres still the odd faulty 1 but its not as bad as the 40% fails they had at first release.
    if you want cheaper then roccat do some very nice mice as do coolermaster and dont forget the g400 and 600 from logitech ... all are worth the money over and above razer.
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