Ok heres my problem, I bought and own a copy of GTA 4 from walmart, it worked fine on my XP 64 bit then I got windows 7 64 bit now my pc wont read the dvd roms at all? I can't even view them in my computer? Any help?
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  1. Will it read any dvd-rom? Try a DVD movie or another DVD game and see if that works.
  2. reads all other media just fine only probs with gta 4?
  3. If the game disc worked fine in one OS and now will not read it in any way, I don't see how that would be because of Windows 7. Can you try the disc in another machine? When you put the disc in your machine and look in My Computer, does it not show anything in the drive? Can you browse the files?
  4. Doesnt show anything in the drive and if I try to look at the files it quits responding?
  5. ok I just tried another game it turns out it wont read any? But if I put a blank in it will burn from my personal videos?
  6. I'm thinking bad ODD. I suppose there is a chance of a corrupt driver, but doubting it. Good drives will cost you around $30, so I would start there.
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