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Does the Antec Cyclone Blower (PCI Slot exaust fan) have a decent impact on OC'd GFX card's temps? I am going to try to push my GF3 ti200 pretty high and was wondering if the Cyclone Blower would be a good investment. Currently My case has 2 92mm intakes on the side panel, 1 80mm intake in the low-front, 2 80mm exausts in the upper back, plus the exaust from my ENERMAX EG465P-VE(FC) PSU. I also plan on adding another 80mm intake in the front right in front of the lower 3.5 bays (my case is the same model as the antec SX1030) to keep hard drives nice and cool. I was thinking the cyclone blower would help bring more airflow over the PCI/AGP slots because all my exausts are up top currently, and when I get the 80mm intake to put in above the one that is already in there will be alot more air being blown in than blowing out, so the cyclone blower would help balance it out more.

Here are the specs listed on the site:

<A HREF="" target="_new">Cyclone Blower</A>
111x89x21mm, low noise, fits into any expansion slot. Help cool Video and other expansion cards. Air Volume : 22CFM & Noise Level : 28dBA.

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  1. Post a link to it, might get more opinions if people can see its design.

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  2. Here is the link to the product. Last product on the page.

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
  3. Some people swear by such devices!

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  4. PC Air Cool Fan


    although i am not talking about the cyclone blower.
    i have seen some people use these things with great results. i almost bought one myself! hehe.
    but the other thing....dropped my temps by NEXT TO 1 degree MAYBE....and then the fans died after a month of use.
    A MONTH!!!
    that is lame...especially for an antec product!
    oh well. :eek:


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  5. oh, and it wast just me who had problems with that thing, so i think it is just that pcaircool thing...

    but i think that the other thing, the CYCLONE blower should be ok. and it would draw the air away from the gpu least i think that they draw air out.


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  6. Quote:
    that is lame...especially for an antec product!

    I guess you have never really LOOKED at how poorly made Antec products really are, then have you? All their coolers suck, their power supplies are second rate as far as brand name units go, and that nice case they sell, well, I don't think they make it.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  7. well, i was thinking of the cases...
    i havent looked at their heatsinks very much...havent even seen them on any computers.
    but that is kinda funny, since people recommend them! (the PSUs)
    oh well.
    but do they even make anything? i mean the fans that were on the cooler thing i bought WERE ystech...but for some reason, they died REALLY quick.
    i am thinking it might be the way they built the blue part (duct). like the backpressure that was put on them because the duct tapers off. ALSO, the fans were supposed to be positional, BUT, after a little while, from the vibrations of the fans, they were not pointing where i pointed them...and then after a little while longer, they were not even holding their position when off...because the plastic got loose! hehe...VERY poor construction. i hope that their PSUs dont work like their PC


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  8. dudes, Antec products sux.... they do nothing but stealing everything that Enermax does.. good example is the new preformance case, the one that comes pre-modded, y do u think they did it? caz Enermax got a new case that comes pre-modded 2...

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  9. I have found Antec power supplies to be the worst of the brand names, but still superior to many generics.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  10. well then, i suppose it is good that i havent told my friends to buy antec...i have had bad experiences with stuff, and now i have word of mouth proof. and yeah..copying is bad...they need to come up with their own


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  11. Well the PC Air Cool Fan's air volume is 4.8CFM which could be why it sucked :).

    I found another PCI slot fan made by Vantec that seems to be better than the cyclone blower.

    link to Vantec's site:
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    Vantec's site doesnt have the specs, coolerguys sells it and does list them:
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    Rated Voltage: DC 12V
    Power: 1.8 Watt
    Air Flow: 42 CFM
    Noise Level: 26 dba

    It is also cheaper than Antec's.

    No reason I can see to go with the Antec over the Vantec.

    Another question:
    For the best results would I place one of these in the PCI slot directly bellow the AGP slot, in the second PCI slot bellow the AGP slot leaving the first PCI slot empty, or in the last PCI slot with other PCI cards in between it and the APG slot?
  12. i would say try each position...
    most likely the best position would be the one RIGHT next to the agp slot.
    and i didnt know what the thing was rated at...i just looked at it, thought it was a good idea, and decided, what the hey...why not give it a shot...
    it was $15, which i thought was BORDERLINE too expensive....and i dunno, those fans can pump out some CFM...because i took the thing apart later on, and oiled the fans, and am actually using them right now...although i only use them when i really need to is like an exhaust boost..and, i took them off that crummy plastic thing, and installed them on a 5 1/4" bay cover...with a switch, and an LED (cause you can never have enough lights! :wink: ).
    and when i turn off the 120mm fan, and just have the ystechs running, a LOT of air is coming out of the slot is pretty weird. but when it was in that blue thing, BARELY anything was coming out of them, and they were WAYYY, i think that they were really restricted. it is the only thing i can think of.

    but if you can get the vantec one cheaper, then i guess that would be ok, because i have never had any experience with vantec... :eek:


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  13. <b>n00b</b>,

    I ordered the <A HREF="" target="_new">Enermax Whispersys System Exhaust Blower</A> from NewEgg for $6. I ordered it with a bunch of other stuff, so the shipping was not really a factor.

    I haven't put it in my case, yet (don't have the case together at all, but that's another story), but I thought you might like other options.

    Rated Voltage: 12V DC
    Power: 1.8W
    Air Flow: 32CFM

    I know the air flow is listed lower than the Vantec's, but I think it is a more likely measurement. I actually read that these fans deliver closer to 20CFM. As for the noise level, it is part of the WhisperSys line, so it can't be all that loud . . . not any more than 26dBA, I would assume.

    As for the placement question, I have no data. I would expect placing it in the slot immediately below the AGP card would give you max cooling on that card. I know for a fact that air velocity decreases over distance much more quickly on exhaust fans vs. intake fans. (Meaning, sucking air off of something has to be done much more closely than if you were to blow air on something, if you want to achieve the same effect.) I have seen a really good pic illustrating this. If I find a link, I will post it.


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  14. Sounds like an interesting setup, <b>Jhon</b> . . . have any pics?


    <i>Upon the occasion in which the defecation comes into contact with the oscillating ventilator.</i>
  15. everyone asks me for them, but i dont have any!!! :frown:
    but believe me, when i get them, i will put them on my friends site....and link it to here.
    i just dont have the cash flow to buy a decent digital camera...and i dont want to buy some crap one that i cant use for anything but snapshots.


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