What's the best overclocking utility

Rivatuner, Powerstrip, GeForce tweak utility, Nvidia BIOS editor etc.... Which one is the best to use? I want to overclock my GF3 Ti200.
Also, if I manage, say, 500Mhz (memory) and 300Mhz (engine)in terms of clock speeds in Powerstrip for example, does this mean I can use the same clock speeds in Rivatuner without the usual "increase by 1-2 Mhz experimenting"

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  1. i use NVMAX...but i also have the COOLBITS registry tweak installed...
    i overclocked it with the coobits tweak, and in NVMAX, it showed my overclocked settings.
    but i used NVMAX to change other things...like enable hardware accellerated MOUSE...and hardware lines and so on.
    works pretty good.
    with stock cooling, i got my MSI-geforce2 pro running at 215/445 stable.
    i had it at 220/450, but i started to see artifacts and clitches in 3dmark2001se. SO, clocked it down a bit, and worked fine...


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  2. personally i use powerstrip
  3. power strip, i found out today, also has some nifty DUAL monitor management software built in. pretty SNICE...(s included on purpose).
    if i get another monitor, i will probably set my rig for dual monitor...but i will probably not use the second for anything 3d intensive...just 2d stuff...as i am going to be using PCI video cards, and dont want to spend an arm and a leg for a PCI video card, when i have something that should suffice for just 2d stuff sitting in a box in my closet.
    s3trio...should be fine.
    but power strip seems to be quite handy little program...AND, it overclocks more than just nvidia chips.
    my little bro is using it on my old stealth3...


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  4. ye... that's the best thing about powerstrip, it's that it support virtually all video card. 2 bad it's a shareware and not much crack are out there for their latest v3.15
  5. yeah, i havent used it since i had the stealth3. but it did work!
    oh yeah, i just set up for dual monitors...the only monitor i could scrounge up is an old 14" that only supports 640x480...UGH...almost not worth it at all. and i cant put it near my viewsonic, because the viewsonic is refreshing at 60hz at the max res, and the old monitor is refreshing the same, and doesnt have the shielding it should, so it makes my viewsonic have a horizontal scan line that moves up the monitor...UGH...
    at least i know it works...as i have thg open on both monitors for different categories...
    Might try and use Powerstrip to overclock the little chip on the cheap pci jaton card...s3 virge dx/gx...hehe.


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  6. I used to use Powerstrip, but because it was shareware, it was a little annoying. But now I use RivaTuner because it gives you both options of overclocking: either by messing around with the registry, or directly chaning the graphics BIOS, which is much more powerful. Plus it is compatible with both ATi and nVidia cards.
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