Will gta 4 work on my pc

Hey Everyone,
Please Help Me.I'm Trying To Play Gta 4, But the Problem is i don't have A graphic Card On My PC. If Anyone Knows a Solution Please Answer it. My PC System Information :
manufacturer : Gigabyte
processor : Pentium (R) Dual Core E5200 2.50ghz
RAM : 2.00 GB
Graphic Card : No..
Thanks In Advance.!
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  1. You can buy a graphics card!
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    Buy a video card, and some more RAM, 2GB isn't enough for GTA IV.

    You may have to upgrade your power supply as well, most systems that have integrated graphics do not have power supplies that are up to powering video cards that are powerful enough for a decent gaming experience.
  3. short answer. not... even if you get a gfx card it will still run slow as it really does like quad core cpu's and hates dual cores unless the system is properly ballanced... and that would mean you would need an 8800gt or hd 4850 to exactly match the perfomance of your cpu with out any bottlnecks on either the cpu or gpu...
    a well ballanced machine will play more games smoother than an unbalanced more powerfully gfx laden machine or a cpu heavy machine...
  4. With that setup you will be able to run the game on low settings provided you need to have a Videocard. I had an old core2duo 2.4ghz 2gb ram with a 9600GSO (Winxp sp3) and GTA 4 runs at 1024 x 768 30fps average and it's playable. I even finished the game with that.
  5. GTA IV is a very demanding game. You need a good graphics card to play that game, as well as a good CPU. You CPU is mediocre.

    What's a good graphic card? It depends on the resolution you want to play at. If you live in the US, then I would recommend the Radeon HD 7750 which can be bought for about $100 after a mail-in rebate. It should be good for 1680 x 1050 resolution with around mid-30's FPS.
  6. Thanks Everyone For The Help,
    i got it that it will not work unless a graphic card..i'll buy it soon, :)
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