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I've successfully unlocked my T-bird 850 MHZ (good ol' pencil trick!). Problem now is that I'm not sure exactly what I should do with the new multipliers I have access too. I've read somewhere that people were able to oc it to 150 FSB with a 7x multiplier. However, in my BIOS, I can't go higher than 132 FSB. Is this because of my motherboard? Or maybe the fact that my system runs at 200 mhz fsb and can't support 266? Or is it my memory (PC-133)?
I was able to get it to run stable at 950 MHZ by getting the FSB up to 112 at 8.5x...but I could have done that without unlocking the cpu. Any suggestions on how I could OC my CPU. I'm using an MSI K7T Turbo2 mobo, with 192 MB of Crucial PC-133 SDRAM.

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  1. all you can do is raise the multiplier, fsb and voltage till you find the g spot.

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  2. well, PC-133 should do 133 (266 ddr, but it wont do 266ddr, because it is just SDR).
    when i overclocked my athlon900, which has the 100mhz FSB (200 DDR), i lowerd the multiplier from 9 to 8, and raised the FSB to 133/133. i had to raise the voltage to get it to be completely stable. to overclock mine, i had to cut bridges and pencil in the right bridges to make the cpu into what i wanted it to be. (but that is because my motherboard is not the overclockers choice...ECS k7s5a....but it works.)
    but for me to get it to where it is right now took about a day of tinkering with different settings, and benchmarking to make sure that everything is ok. and WATCHING THE TEMPS. when you raise the voltage, the temp WILL go up with standard air cooling. (dont know about water cooling, as i have never used it myself).
    but like jhiggs said....find "the G spot". stable at the highest you can get it. my athlon 900 is running at 1.07 GHZ with a <A HREF="http://www.thermaltake.com/products/heatsink/v6.htm" target="_new">Thermaltake Volcano 6Cu</A>
    The performance gain from 100 to 133 is nice. :smile:


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  3. what temps do you run at full load with that?
  4. overclocked, it is running at 43°C idle, and 48°-49°C full load...
    before overclocking, it was running at like 39°C idle, and 45°-46°C full load.
    considering i upped the voltage, and have it overclocked, i think that is pretty good.
    and there is no instabilities...so i think it is good.
    i have to give this 6CU a hand...it does pretty good!
    i did lap the copper disc, out of boredom, but i dont think it changed the temp at all, at least it doesnt register! :wink:
    but the bottom was pretty close to mirror finish...


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