SOYO P4S OC Problems?

I just got a new system with a p4 2.4 th atI was hoping to OC to 3g or more (with Water cooling). but with the dragon ultra board we have only been able to get it to 2.5 without stabiliztion probs (105 fsb!)

Any help or am stuck waiting for Soyo to release a new bios?

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  1. maybe there is somthing holding it up, some device that doesnt like the higher fsb.

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  2. the bios problems of this board are legion .. until the latest ( which I have problems with on the ide controller) finally addresses the issue with voltage changes reverting back to stock settings on exit from bios but in all this mobo does not live up to the hype they advertised for oc'ing it ..there are many threads on the soyo mobo newsgroup about fixing this board ( you can't use a geforce 4 card on it with out modding a resistor either which requires a rma they will gladly give you if you can live without the board for a few weeks perhaps the latest versions are already fixed )


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