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I would like to know good gaming laptops which could play most of the games.The laptop should be under 720$.But it should be good with other things applications and entertainment
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  1. The cheapest gaming laptop I could find was this:

    However, don't expect more than medium settings from it. It's really a push as it is, and if you want to play games nicely at that price, you'll have to buy a desktop.
  2. ^+1 to what Sinius said. If you wish to play all games on $720 budget, you will need a desktop. Laptops are weak for gaming
  3. I agree with AntiZig, gaming on laptops are a waste of money, you will need to go for a 2000 dollar laptop to get the same performance as a 1000 dollar desktop. Better of getting a desktop. If you want a gaming laptop, then look for second hands, g73s are pretty decent and are being sold for 700s on ebay etc... But its a risk
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