Any good games?

Hi i quit playing CoD and Bf3 because they are getting boring now. I played BF BC2 COD4 WAW BO and BF2 but i got bored also. Im kinda stuck on what to play. I want a game where you can like fly stuff like in BF3 or killstreaks like in cod.
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  1. Did you try Crysis 2? It can really be fun in multiplayer.
  2. Blacklight retribution is pretty fun, and free.
  3. If you like flying and vehicle based FPS you might want to have a look at Warhawk and it's successor Starhawk, I personally am a huge fan of both and they offer that sort of combat experience.
  4. According to me Mario is a good game.Everybody like this game.I also like it.
  5. Call Of Duty Black Opps and Need For Speed : Most Wanted are both amazing game to play.
  6. do u know how to get free microsoft points
  7. - Mass Effect III
    - Portal II
    - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon : Future Soldier
    they are worth to try :D
  8. Kirby 64 or pong.
  9. Halo Reach is also good and Walking Dead too.
  10. I heard walking deal was eh
  11. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask are great on wiiware, N64, or on Project 64 1.6 link:
    ROMS (Game Files) Link: (Ocarina of Time),_The_-_Ocarina_of_Time_(USA)/39915
    (Majora's Mask),_The_-_Majora's_Mask_(USA)/39909
  12. I play Anarchy Online. It's a great game, and it can be played in short gaming sessions!
  13. I can't think of any game that competently combines flight vehicles, infantry gameplay AND killstreak bonuses, but I can think of a game that might have varied enough transportation and is fast paced enough that it might keep you entertained, and that is Tribes Ascend.
  14. and the best thing is ITS FREE :D
  15. Everything minus vehicles- crysis 2. Shameless cod ripoff, just tried it a couple of days ago. Also Hitman: codename 47 is an old, forgotten classic :)
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