Getting a new heatsink and fan... need some help

The fan on my processor died recently, and I need to get a new one.

Right now I'm looking at

for a fan and an Thermalright AX-7 Heatsink also from newegg.

My question is.. will that be quiet? My last fan was really hard on the ears.. I want something nice and quiet.

Also.. if I order both of those parts from newegg, will it come with everything I need to attach the fan to the heatsink or do I need to order something else?

Lastly, anyone know of a good heatsink or fan in that price range that they would want to recommend over the ones I'm looking at?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Umm....AX7 with slow fan=bad!
    i prefer the Volcano 7+

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  2. I'm running a Volcano 7 with the thermal sensor tucked down into the heatsink. It responds more to the CPU temp more than the ambient temp in the case now. My XP1500+@1700MHz idles around 40C and under load it runs around 48C (due to warm house). I'd check out the V7 or V7+ to see if it will work on your motherboard. Very good cooler at an excellant price.


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  3. That looks huge, is it loud? I think it would probably fit on my MSI K7-Master mobo but I don't want something that is loud.

    The screenshot at newegg shows all these metal parts I have to use it put it together, ugh... why cant they just come attached so all I have to do is clip on the heatsink.

    I was looking at the slower fan because of the fact it would be quiet.. I'm not a heavy overclocker, currently I'm not overclocked at all (1.2ghz thunderbird). I thought the AX-7 was a good heatsink, so it wouldn't need some heavy duty really high noise decible fan.
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  4. It might be in the middle. Stealth fans usually run around 2800 RPM and are very silent due to the slow speed. The more faster fans (and louder) are more toward 5400 RPM... The fan you're getting is 3450, so it's in the middle.
  5. Ok, I guess I will just get that one it sounds reasonable, I don't need a "stealth" fan really...

    I still don't know if I need to order some special bolts or something to attach the fan to the heatsink, my last 3 have all come as one piece when I bought them.

    Thanks for the help
  6. Still looking for an answer :)
  7. I suggest getting a Thermaltake Volcano 7+, you can set the fan speed yourself. Set it to 6000 RMP when it gets hot (47 dba), set it to 4000 RPM for normal cooling (35 dba) or set it low 3000RMP (when you don't use it much) (23dba I think)

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