Battlefield 3 and my CPU ?

Hello everybody ..
recently, I bought battlefield 3 game for the PC because I didn't like the graphics on the PS3 ... it looks so bad !
anyway, I have some issues with the game specially on the multiplayer mode , I face a lot of lag and stutter.
I have Pentium dual core E5500 CPU , 4GB DDR2 ram and Gigabyte GTX 550 ti graphics card ..
I think that CPU is bottle-nicking the graphics card ... so I need to swap it with a Core 2 Quad CPU .
I want know how many FPS I would get with a CPU like Q6600 on the multiplayer mode..
and thanks so much .
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  1. You'll get a big improvement. However, I can't tell fps number because you never said settings you were playing on or your resolution.
  2. ^^^^
    thanks a lot for helping ..
    I am playing on 1280 × 720 all setting on high with motionblur , AA off ..
    However, on the multiplayer I can't even play on the same resolution with all setting low-off ... is this normal with my current processor ?
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    Yeah that would be normal on your processor because BF3 was built for a quad-core CPU and yours is a dual core. Will upgrading to a quad core CPU you would get a huge improvement. You would probably be able to play on high at 1280x720 at about 30-40 FPS plus if you are able to upgrade your RAM to DDR3 and possibly get 8GB your would be able to play at about 45-50 FPS.
  4. ^^^^^^
    thanks alot Spartin ..
    Ok, so I will swap my Dual core with a quad one .. I hope that will solve the issue ..
    However, I read in a profissional review site that dual core vs Quad core is not a big diffrence in this game, they notice also that most gamers think that quad core is much better but the real different is only on the CPU load .. the game really depend on the graphic card ... any way ..I will make my last try on the dual core by overlocking it a bit before I directly swap it ,,, and I will keep you updated with the results ... many thanks
  5. The reason why the graphics card make a big difference is because it handle all of the pictures and fps but if your CPU can give the GPU enough things to do to take full advantage to the GPU you need to upgrade the CPU. Which in your case your processor is too slow to take full advantage of your graphics card. Your welcome for the help!
  6. dude get 4+ gigs of ddr3 ram and a i5 750 or 2500k those quad cores i can recommend if you get those you can run the game on ultra smooth as silk you use low resolution so your gtx 550 ti will eat up BF3. The whole problem here is your cpu and ram bottlenecking your GPU
  7. I agree with Yordan - I've got 6gb of RAM and an i5 760 and my rig runs BF3 on ultra fine. The occasional FPS drop below 60 but overall it's brilliant.
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