Skyrim Just Started Freezing

I have logged over 60+ hours in Skyrim without any serious problems. Recently however, the game has started freezing at random spots in the game. Usually the freezing comes within the first 15 min or so of gameplay. I have come across lots of posts regarding freezing, but none seem to mention it starting seemingly out of the blue. As far as I know, nothing has been changed. Has anybody else experienced this? Thanks in advance.
Win 7 64
i7-870 3.0gz
560 ti x2 SLI
12 gigs ddr3
750w 80+ psu
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  1. Having the same issue, just in the last week or so. Thought it was the Autosave glitch mentioned in other posts around the traps, disabled that function but it now randomly freezes even just walking around in the open without a transition.

    There have been a few patches of late, thinking it might have been one of those that introduced this problem?
  2. Not sure which gpu your're using, but I just updated to the lastest nvidia beta drivers and havn't had a freeze yet. I havn't had any long gaming sessions though so I'm not sure the freezing is complely fixed.
  3. Running a notebook GTX485M with the 301.42 Verde drivers, the latest available.

    Still getting random freezes unfortuantely. Am about to try the latest Beta drivers and see if that helps.
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