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alright... about 10 years ago I would get on here and play (I believe it to be the original) Age of start off with 3 villagers and a town center the only reason I put this is cause a few people have gotten the wrong age of empires which is ok cause I appreciate the time they took to try and help... I would put the game in and go to multiplayer and I think it would end up taking me to MSN gaming zone so I could get online and play... the links that I use to click on to get me there are no longer working, it now takes me to google search (I'm not sure why but thats where I end up... and all I would like to do is be able to get online so I can play with my father... I woud like to play online so I can raise my population limit up to 200, so if you know how I can do that also, that would be awesome.
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  1. I use Gameranger for Age of empires 2. it looks like it will work for AOE 1 but there are almost no lobbies so i would recommend getting AOE 2 instead.
  2. I have both games and there expansion packs... my dad plays the first one all the time and doesn't play any of the other ones... I was trying to find somewhere we could get online and play together since he won't play the new ones... thank you for helping me... do I just dowload game ranger and then I type in or pick what game I want to play, then pick a lobby?
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