How to pay paypal credit card?

im not sure if this is the right place to put this, but im going to try any way...

So i have a pay pal account. when i verified my account i received a paypal credit card (its not a debit card) in the mail. its activated now. So if i go to walmart for example, and buy some milk with that credit card for $3. So now i have to pay off the $3 on the credit card. How do i do this. if i have say 10$ in my pay pal account can i just pay it off with the 10$, so then i would now have 0$ on my credit card and 7$ in my paypal account?. or do i get a bill in the mail??

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  1. I figured it out. When you make a purhase with your paypal credit card the ballence will show up a few days after the purchase was made on the card ballence when you log into your paypal accout. Then you can choose to pay it with the ballence in your paypal account. Then you choose the amount you want to pay, then you send it and how ever much money you chose to pay will be deducted from your paypal account
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