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Hello all,
I have been reading for a while, but alas I am not a type to normally speak up. I am looking for a cooling solution like most other people who post here. I was hoping for one that requires several things.
1) As little actual effort from me as possible
2) Less than 300 dollars.
3) Preferably no cutting, splicing, adapting, or rewiring. (see number one).
As always at this point it is important to give you a working knowledge of what you would be working on.
My system consists of the following.
1 Chieftec server chassis with 420 watt P/S.
1 Motherboard of the Gigabyte GA-7vrxp variety
1 Processor, Athlon 2000+
Video Card is a Visiontek GeForce4 Ti4400
3 120Gigabyte Ibm Hard Drives 7200Rpm
1 Teac Floppy Drive
1 Iomega 250MB Zip Drive
1 Asus 40x12x48 CDRW
1 Toshiba DVD Drive 16x40x
1 US Robotics internal Modem
3 sticks of Samsung 512 MB Ram.

I am looking for items which require a minimum amount of work on my end. Something in the smear and stick, or slap on and forget variety of products. Noise is totally unimportant to me, it can sound like a frieght train as long as it requires no cutting.
No, I cannot take the side off, and put a box fan blowing in on it, as I am in the Navy, and the compter would last about 48 mins that way.
I wish to be able to overclock my processor and my video card some, without going crazy. I am rather hesitant to go the watercooling route, as I am leery of taking electronics and introducing large amounts of fast moving water. I believe a link to a picture of my case is attached. Any replies are appreciated.
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  1. My solution for you is not a low effort install, which is a Swiftech MCX 462, but possibly the best Heatsink on the market for the AMD, and I said probably as not to start a barage of devoted other brand user attacks. I mainly have a question for you, you said you're in the Navy, Are you at sea?
  2. No box fan sugestion!?! :lol:

    If you want a good C/W rated cooler with very little effort, I will suggest the CoolerMaster HHC-001. It has one chipset clip. All have to do is spread some Artic Silver on the die and clip one clip. I hope that is not too hard. It cools to 0.20C/W with the 36CFM fan that comes with it.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Directron has them $60.00 plus tax.</A>

    It is a little steep for a cooler but this is about as good as you can get for the simplisity of attaching it to your machine. With that C/W rating you could have an ambient temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit and the Cooler and CPU would be at 96.96F. Not bad for a little AS and one clip.

    You could go with the traditional Swiftech MCX462. It has four screws to attach it to the motherboard. A little more complicated but not much.

    So do what you like. In my opinion the Coolermaster is the easiest suggestion/solution.

    <b>"Sometimes you can't hear me because I'm talking in parenthesis" - Steven Wright</b> :lol:
  3. do you have an idea of what the temperature around the case might be? (pref in degrees C)

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  4. Thank you for the information, although I perhaps came over as a little to simplistic. Basically what I was trying to avoid was comments like "Well, what you need to do is cut off the right side of your case, and then put a 9000cfm fan in there. Now cut off the left side of the case, and install the same fan on the opposite side."
    I was hoping for information on the cooling not only of the processor, but also the RAM, GPU, chipset, GPU Ram,case fans, and really anything else that you guru's of modern cooling would believe would need it.
    In response to one post, yes I am currently out to sea, however we pull in relatively soon, and if I order soon it will be there waiting for me =).
    Also, I am an electronics technician, so our spaces luckily are always cooled, I would say the average ambient temperature is 25.55C. That is if I did the math right it is 25.55C, I KNOW it is 72F. I am not sure exactly why this information helps, but I would rather say too much, than not enough. It sounds like the Swiftek 462 is the way to go on the CPU, at least from the posts so far. I will continue to watch if you continue to inform.
    Thanks for all the great info,
  5. I was in the Navy myself and the reason I asked if you were at sea is as you already know the salt air can reap havok on computer parts the Swiftech MCX 462 comes with an 80mm high speed fan with a solid copper base and is pretty impressive, it costs around $70.00 US and I got mine from I don't regret a penny I spent on it. Three cautions to relay are, your motherboard has to have the four mounting holes around the socket, and you have to have clearance to mount it, and you have to completely remove your motherboard to mount it. My compliments to you and all your crewmates while you're out there protecting and watching over our country, God bless you all. David
    P.S. you can find all the details from the manufacturers site located at
  6. Aaron,

    First your math is pretty close. 72C equates to 22.22C. You probably did that in your head so Kudos.

    Second just so I am clear on the case.

    Is this it?

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Chieftec Dragon DX-01WD</A> which you saw at <A HREF="" target="_new">Newegg.Com</A> with the 420W PSU and pictures that look like <A HREF="" target="_new">this</A>.

    As for...

    1. RAM cooling it would not really help.

    2. GPU Cooling...

    The VisionTek Xtacy Geforce4 Ti4400 has a Cooler on the GPU only. See this picture from <A HREF="http://" target="_new">VisionTek</A>.

    You can purchase your own cooler for the ram modules and use some Arctic Silver Adhesive to attach them or you can get a single cooler that covers the ram and the GPU without adhesive. It is up to you what you want to do.

    You can also get a really large fan with a mounting bracket for above the Graphics Card like this <A HREF="http://" target="_new">Video-1-120</A> from 1Cool PC. This or another like it in addition to the GPU and GRAM heatsinks should be more than enough for you.

    Here are its Statistics…
    Speed = 2800 RPM
    Rated Current = .66 Amps
    Power Consumption = 7.92 Watts
    Air Flow = 131.5 CFM
    Air Pressure = 8.0 mm-Aq
    Noise Level = 45 dBA
    Suspension = Ball Bearing
    Life = 75,000 Hours

    3. As for Case Fans…

    You have the option for four 80mm case fans. Use all four. Where two are inducting air and two exhausting. Any will do. I suggest the Panaflo FBA08A12U1A. Order from whatever vendor you like or <A HREF="" target="_new">Here</A>. They are 80x80x25mm fans where each at 3450RPM produce a 38.2dBA noise level, move 46.9CFM, and are 12V. You could get a rheostat to control the voltage and thus the speed. Or you could go with a different fan set altogether. I can look around for what you want. Consistent inflow and expulsion levels of air will give you the best throughput, a.k.a. flow.

    I think that answers all of your questions. If there are an other concerns just post them here.


    <b>"Sometimes you can't hear me because I'm talking in parenthesis" - Steven Wright</b> :lol:
  7. You sir (Bum JcRules) are a god among men.
    I do appreciate eveyones help on my questions, and the input they provided, but yours was the type of response I was looking for.
    In response: That is in fact the very same case. I will buy the stuff from wherever you think is best =). I couldn't ask for any more information than you gave, plus links to it all! Is there some place I can put a star sticker next to your name or something?
    For being that thorough I assume you took the temperature into account on your decision for case fans. I was considering the 80mm delta fans, which move tons of air. But I think you would have suggested it if that was necessary. I appreciate your time and work on my behalf =). I half wonder if you are pushing products for a commision, but I don't really care =-).
    I would also like to say thanks for the support about the military. Sometimes it does get tough out here, and you see people saying *thanks* on T.V. or whatever, but they aren't really people you know? It really does make us proud to hear it from an actual person, especially one we don't know well.
    Many Thanks,
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