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Hi, I just got my beast gaming PC and I want to be a minecraft and TF2 Commentator. Problem Is I dont have a good mic. I'm thinking about getting a gaming headset w/ mic. Requirements:

xBox compatible
PC compatible
Good sound
has a good mic

I am also looking for one cheap. Like around $50
I dont care if it's used or last year's model.

All Help appreciated!
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    I think the reason you're not getting any direct responses is due to the fact that around the $50.00 mark, all headsets are more or less equal in the good and the bad. There really isn't such a thing as last year's model being cheaper in gaming headsets unless the model is discontinued permanently and the shelf stock is being liquidated. The phenomenon of audio peripherals devaluing after a year on the shelf is more or less limited to much higher end stock (real headphones in the $100+ range, not gaming headsets).

    As far as suggestions, there are quite a few possibilities but if you're determined to have a single headset unit and not a separate headphone and attachable microphone, then I guess something like the Turtle Beach X12's are in your price range and a reasonable item.
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