How well will this run Diablo 3

I have been looking for a half decent set up to run Diablo 3 and I found this barebones kit on tigerdirect

What are your thoughts on this? Will it work as a good base to run Diablo 3? Or do I need something better?
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  1. Even if you did buy this computer, you'd still need to spend quite a but for the OS and the hard drive; as this doesn't come with an Operating System or a hard drive.
  2. I understand that but it will still come in at under $1000
  3. Slayer1024 said:
    I understand that but it will still come in at under $1000

    So, your budget is $1000?
  4. yep, I could get as much as $1100 if it was worth it
  5. I'm no expert, however I looked at the recommended requirements for Diablo 3 and the computer you've chosen, looks like it has met those requirements (considering you can afford windows 7 and a hard drive). If you want to have a look your self here is the link.

    However, I would recommend looking around on this website, I heard they are pretty good.

    Or, if you want to save a bit of money you can build the system yourself.
    Hope I helped. :)
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