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I cannot download AVG free antivirus from any site? why? ca anybody help me out?
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  1. You may already be infukted, and the virus is blocking access to the tools that might remove it.

    Is that a possibility? Otherwise, you'll need to be more specific about what happens when you try.
    Are you going here: ?
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    What happens when you try? My wife had something on her machine that redirected her anytime she tried to browse online. I downloaded avira (or AVG) from my computer and brought the installer over. Put it on her machine and cleared it right up. If this sounds familiar then barrow a computer and do the same thing.
  3. run firefox portable or chrome, normally they're not as suseptable to browser hijacks and will allow you to download your anti-virus package, try avast out instead, I've found AVG to be bloated these days.
  4. +1 recommendation for avast.

    if all else fails, follow recommendations here.
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  6. If all else fails, download Hirens and/or AVG Rescue CD and run the scans via CD.
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