Free Borderlands 2 with Purchase? Help.

Hey Geforce has a promotion for videocards at the moment. If you buy anything that is 660ti or higher, you receive a copy of borderlands 2 for free. (As digital download)

I purchased a 660ti yesterday in-store at tigerdirect and I was not given anything. I called back today and they said they aren't sure about the promo. The promotion on their website does not state that it has to be an online purchase. Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: Here is the link for the promo
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  1. Wasn't it inside GTX 660 Ti box?
  2. Nope. All I got inside was a bunch of stickers for EVGA.
  3. I think you need to talk to tiger direct, take a screen shot of the webpage.
  4. I called the specific store twice and their 1-800 number. The store said it is probably online but I wouldn't trust the guy since he didn't even know about the promo until I guided him to the page with the promo. The person on the 1-800 number was saying something about they might have different pricing and didn't know much either. So i'm kind of stuck here. I will be going in monday to see what the deal is but I thought i'd ask to see if anyone here knows.
  5. Did your box look tampered with? Occasionally these vouchers will be stolen in shipping and resold. If not, your 660ti was probably a product that was shipped pre-dating the offering, in which case you should just return it and order one online if you have to, to get the free game voucher.
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