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Hi I just bought a nvidia gtx 670 recently and it came with the free borderlands 2 copy with it. I was wondering if that free copy acts as like the preorder edition which you can buy from Steam giving you additional content such as another character class. It'd be nice to get the preorder content with this or not but not sure if this is the case.
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  1. Hey I got a question for you! Did you buy it online? I bought my card in store and I didn't get a copy.
  2. I bought it online from newegg. I've got the redemption code for borderlands 2 copy and have already redeemed it.
  3. Also it shows up in steam games library as "borderlands 2 preorder" but not entirely sure if I get the preorder bonus content
  4. BloodHK47 said:
    Also it shows up in steam games library as "borderlands 2 preorder" but not entirely sure if I get the preorder bonus content

    I'm almost certain as you registered the key before the game came out that you will recieve the preorder content. I purchased the game on steam and it shows the same thing.
  5. Good, I didn't want to be duped because I have to "buy the game from Steam directly" to get the preorder content
  6. I believe you do get the pre-order bonus, but not 100% on it to be honest.
  7. This is totally unrelated, but I bought my GTX 690 a week before they started the promo. When I asked if I might still be able to get a redemption code, they told me no, it would be unfair to everyone else. gutted.
  8. Tough, but fair! ^
  9. I think it sounds like a pre-order to me. Any codes that are given out before the release are pre-order codes ;)
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    my roommate was given one of the keys from a friend who got a new card who already had it. when he added it to his steam library it shows it registering as a pre-order for the full edition with all the goodies
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  12. Congrats on having a free key for what is so far a really good game. I was skeptical but after playing a few hours I'm impressed. Very nice effort by Gearbox to include a very full compliment of PC-specific options without having to file-tweak. Game looks better than the first, plays better than the first, and is really a blast.
  13. Actually found out that the free game copies you get w/ purchase of nvidia 600 cards or higher are not included for premium pre-order included content. Get this, emailing steam about the issue because I wasn't seeing the new mechromancer DLC installed at all, they said that in order to get that DLC included, I would of needed to buy Borderlands 2 from steam when pre-order was available in order to get that.
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