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Hi. Got a PIII 1GHZ CPU attached to my ABIT BH6 board (via a ASUS S370-DL CPU card) running at 133mhz FSB with 512mb pc133 RAM(overclocked of course)Now, i'm a little bit unsecure about the proper core settings(not so good..) for this setup. On the CPU card there are jumpers for adjusting the voltage settings and i've heard that this CPU wants like 1,95 volt to feel good..my Q is: am i proper informed and do i have to adjust the jumpers on the CPU card as well as in my BIOS core voltage settings to be able to operate the CPU properly?

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  1. Allways use the lowest voltage that your cpu is stable at. If it is stable at 1.8 or 1.85 on your board then you do not need the higher voltage. Right now at 133fsb your cpu is not overclocked but your agp is.Unless you have the rare P3 1000/100mhz fsb model. Then at 133fsb your cpu will be overclocked to 1330mhz,which few reach with super cooling much less air cooling.

    Set the card jumpers to the default voltage printed on the cpu. Now try booting the computer. IF the computer does not boot then raise the voltage by jumpers on the card .5v at a time until it does boot. Many older board VRM (voltage regulator module) did not support the lower voltages, 1.65,1.7, 1.75 etc for the newer cpu's.

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  2. Well, my system was running fine with my PIII voltage setting 1.95 in BIOS and default on the Slotket until last night when my PSU burned out..for the sec. time in a short period of time. I can't seem to figure what's causing it since i have a good shortcircuit protection between the chassi and the MB and also have that protection on my cables/connectors attached to the machine. I might have a little less cooling on the CPU, i admit that, but when it happened the 1:st time it was on a non overclocked system.
    Could my CPU have taken any damage? And could this have caused by an inproper CPU voltage setting?

  3. That would depend on what type of power supply you had. If it was a low wattage p/s 235w-250w and you have a lot of devices running it can overheat and die.

    As far as damege to the cpu or motherboard you can not tell until you power it up again.

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