Terrible FPS with Radeon HD 4870

Hi everyone, I discovered this place via a google search for the topic title. Anyways, I can't find a solution to this problem anywhere and I'm growing increasingly frustrated.

I'm trying to play WoW. I presently have an AMD Athlon II X3 440, 8 GB ram, and also a Radeon HD 4870. I'm getting absolutely unplayable lag (1 fps) even at the lowest possible settings. I've tried updating my drivers but the catalyst keeps failing for some unknown reason. I'm completely confused and would really appreciate any and all help! Please! Thank you
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  1. From further experimentation, I've learned that my drivers for the HD 4870 are 8.850.00. Again, when I try to update via the AMD website, the update always fails. I just attempted to update via Windows and it claims that my drivers are fully up to date
  2. I just downloaded GPUZ and took a screenshot. http://gpuz.techpowerup.com/12/08/26/d0r.png

    The PCI E is at 1.1x16. I think this could be the problem, but how can I adjust it?
  3. The PCIE 1.1x16 is not the problem. Try removing all connected drivers and install from scratch.
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