Black Ops - textures flashing with GTX670

Hello all,

I recently purchased a GTX670 for my system upgrading from my HD6850. It's an awesome card - and I love it. Only thing I've noticed that's a bit odd is that I tend to get random flashing textures in Black Ops (yes, I know it's an old game now, but I love it).

I've tried changing around all of the graphics settings both in the game and the NVidia menu as well as resetting everything back to default, and nothing seems to work. My nVidia driver version is 301.42.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me? It's nothing major just a bit of a nuisance that'd be nice to get rid of.


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  1. Oh and by the way - this never happened with my old HD6850.

    System specs are as follows -

    15 760 2.8ghz processor
    6gb RAM
    GTX670 2gb graphics card
    500w PSU
    660gb hdd space in total
  2. .....Anyone?
  3. Mind showing us a screenshot of what is happening?
  4. I'll try, kind of hard to capture in a screenshot as it only happens when I move. It's on the multiplayer side of the game and it usually seems to happen when there's a texture on a wall - as I move closer to it/further away from it, it's almost like it partially disappears then reappears. It's fine when I'm standing still. Hope that helps at all?
  5. Not really. Maybe you could film it using your cell phone or a camera?
  6. I managed to get a screenshot - if you see the panel with the yellow and black lines on it (the back one on the left) half of it is missing. Once I walk closer, the top half reappears and it disappears as I walk backwards.

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