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what are good, quiet case fans?
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  1. enermax, sanyo denki, panaflo, and possibly antec.
    just make sure the fan is rated at under 30db.

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  2. Well, I have asked this same question myself. For the most part, the two criteria you are looking for (being "good" and "quiet") are often found at an acceptable level in the absence of the other. Take your sleeve bearing fans, for example: they're quiet, they're inexpensive, but they don't last too long.

    One type of fan that I have heard many good things about are <A HREF="" target="_new">Panaflo by Panasonic</A>. Some people talk about them like Xerox or Kleenex: "You've got yer sleeve fans, yer ball bearin' fans, and yer Panaflo." They probably have some of the most detailed information re: their (<i>oops!</i>) fans that I've ever seen on a manufacturer site. I purchased one myself (120L), and it should arrive today.

    They cost a little more, buy they should last you a long time.

    Other brands to look into are Enermax and Thermaltake. A lot of people also like Sunon, Delta, and YS Tech. For the most part, to each their own.

    Have fun looking around!


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  3. i think i´ll go for the "enermax UC-8FAB", it´s has adjustable speed, is not to pricey, and most important of´s pink and has a gold coloured fan guard!
  4. I bought two of these. 'Course, I got lucky, and they arrived <b><font color=blue>BLUE!!!!</font color=blue></b> The blowhole looks pretty sweet when those clear blades are spinning.

    Where are you getting yours from? Mine are from

    Like <b><font color=green>FatBurger</font color=green></b> said, these guys are :cool: . The only thing is I wish they would provide will-call. :tongue:


    <i>Upon the occasion in which the defecation comes into contact with the oscillating ventilator.</i>
  5. well im from norway and im buying my stuff from a place called, they are not as well equipped as but their prices are good and they are pretty fast at getting the latest hardware in stock.
  6. I saw that they have Papst fans there on that website.
    (Kabinett Vifte - Cabinet/Case Fan...My fist words in Norwegian :smile: )

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Here is one that you could buy</A>. It is a 80x80x25mm, 12V, 95 gram, 19.4 CFM (Cubic Feet per Min.), 12dBA (deciles) fan. It is the <A HREF="" target="_new">8412NGL by Paspst</A>. (See Page two for this fan on the spec sheets.)

    Another is this <A HREF="" target="_new">fan by Cooler Master</A>. It is the SAF-B82. It is also an <A HREF="" target="_new">80x80x25mm fan but it moves 33CFM at 12V/2500RPM and gives off 26dBA</A>.

    Another is <A HREF="" target="_new">this one from Enermax</A>. It is a <A HREF="" target="_new">speed controlable fan</A>. I do not have access to the white sheet on the fan so this is as much as I know about it.

    You are linited based on that website. <b>If those are your only choices</b>, I will tell you to choose the Coolermaster 80mm fan.

    I hope that this helped.

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