Minecraft lag on mid-end notebook?

Hi, I have 2 computers one with a geforce 6200, Pentium 4 3.2GHz 2.5GB ram.

And a new laptop, which is the most powerfull PC I've owned so far, Intel Core-i5 2520M and 4GB DDR3.

Why do I get MORE FPS On the 7 year old Pentium system in Minecraft than on the laptop?

I can play CODW@W and Mass Effect with high graphics in the 20-30 FPS range, and the pentium system can't even run those games at all.
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  1. Different settings?

    Open the task manager on your laptop, then start playing Minecraft until it has bad performance. Then minimize it and open task manager's processes tab. Sort them by user name and screenshot it. Upload the screenshot to www.imageshack.us and make sure to select option "Do not resize". Post the link to it here.
  2. Minecraft is like that, but its more than likely down to resolution.

    Make sure you're using optifine. It'll give you an fps boost from the get go and alot of other settings to play with.
  3. Ok I'll give more details, because I am really stumped, I like to consider myself "advanced" at computer and tech.

    The Pentium 4 system is using Windows XP, Laptop Windows 7

    I recently got this laptop so I copied my .minecraft folder from the pentium system to here so same settings, and optifine.

    On this laptop Minecraft only goes to 25%, possibly because of the i5s' four cores, or 2 cores+2 threads whatever.

    on the pentium system the Geforce 6200 256mb is using PCI bus and the laptop is using the i5 GPU Intel HD something.

    Idk whatelse info should be needed, but I'd really like to figure it out like if there is some 1 random setting I missed, because I've changed all the settings and little difference.
  4. 25% of CPU usage? Seems a little low but not by much.

    Like I said its probably down to the resolution of the screens your are playing on.

    Is the resolution of the Pentium 4 system's monitor less than that of your laptop?
  5. Also it may have something to do with copying the .minecraft folder.

    Just make a back up of your saves and select force update the next time you log in, see how it works and then reinstall opifine again, because obviously you were not using the multicore version before.
  6. Have you updated any of the IGP drivers?
  7. Ok I did that and yes, suprisingly simular resolutions. The pentium system is running at 1360x768(TV) and the laptop is at 1366x768. Weird that they're only 6 pixels off lol.

    I just can't understand why it runs better on an old ass box vs a new laptop. It can't really be a bare performance issue because naturally I hooked up the hard drive to the laptop via USB-Sata and re-played all of my games and they all play much better and can be run at native res, vs barely passing 640x480 on the pentium system.
  8. 25% CPU usage means it's maxing out one thread. I cannot be right or good. Please post a screenshot of task manager processes tab sorted by user name when it's using that much CPU.
  9. Yes and a F3 screenshot would also help alot.

    Another thing to do if you havent already is install 64-bit java, I think u still have to manually download it.
  10. Oddly enough, this laptop shipped with a 32-bit OS and it's always bothered me that 800 or so MB is just.. wasted but whatever.

    It seems like it's only using 1 core or thread but it's set affinity to all processors 0-3

    Notice the crappy 4FPS and this is on FAR render distance, whereas on the pentium it's around 30
    On the laptop playing on tiny it's around 40
    I plan to create a machinima soon and neither of my systems are good enough to record at decent framerates.
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  12. Damn ever since you moved the thread now I get no help :( lol
  13. Try turning off the visual effects of windows.
  14. Did you reinstall minecraft, ie replace the .minecraft folder, there maybe some system info stored on it or something.

    Also the mods you have installed may be conflicting. Make a backup of the whole folder and do a fresh install just to see
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