Antivirus to Remove gemezx.exe

my lappy got this virus 'gemezx.exe'
please someone help me which anti virus can remove it?
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  1. The title of this topic has been edited by Buwish
  2. Have you tried Malwarebytes?
  3. no i have tried only macafee and microsoft security essentials
  4. buwish said:
    Have you tried Malwarebytes?

    hi, i hav tried only mcafee and microsoft sec esssentials
  5. buwish said:
    Have you tried Malwarebytes?

    hi ,thanks 4 the reply.....r u sure malware bytes can remove dis virus?????i m about 2 download dat now
  6. buwish said:
    Have you tried Malwarebytes?

    hi i tried malware bytes its of no use its not even detecting it......please help me with some other antivirus
  7. OP: You can try TrendMicro's website and see if the free app can remove this virus. However I did both a Bing and Google search and only came up with this thread in the results. You sure you're spelling it correctly?
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