Need suggestions on heatsink!

I am looking into which heatsink is the best for an XP 1900+. The volcano 7+ looks nice but ive heard it is too heavy and it can damage your core easily. I was also looking into the Swiftech MCX370-0A. Any suggestions would be helpful
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  1. How much money are you going to invest? You're posting in the Overclocking section so I assume you're going to OC? Are you looking for something to just get you by, or something you can do whatever you want with? Is fan noise a factor in your decision? Did you build or buy your computer? what kind of motherboard do you have? Theres a lot of heatsink/fan combos out there and you'll run into every suggestion in the book from people that have their personal preferences, some cost a lot of money, some are extremely loud and if you're not OClking, you don't need the extreme, some take skill to install, so basically ask yourself the questions I gave you and go to a site like and look at what they've got click on the images for more info and find for yourself what you want to invest your money in. If you find something at inflowdirect you want to purchase they're OK to deal with, I've purchased from them myself.
  2. AMD's weight limit is 300 grams. But you're right, practically half the CPU coolers out there, maybe more than half, are over 300 grams. But you should still be okay with something up to 500 grams as long as you don't have to move your computer. The reason why weight and crushing the CPU core is a problem is that a lot of people move their computer around a lot for LAN parties. Of course you can also crush it while installing but if you're careful enough this should be no problem at all.

    Because of the weight problem, some people buy what are called "shims". These are protective masks that go on top of a processor to prevent crushing. Shims will probably make your CPU a little hotter though because they suffocate the CPU core a little. But many people really like shims and if you move your computer around a lot, they're a must.

    Anyway, if your computer sits in one place all day long, don't worry about weight. I'd really worry if the weight got to over 500 grams but otherwise weight shouldn't be a problem if you're careful when installing the cooler. As a precaution, the Swiftech model you're thinking of buying is over 500 grams, and I believe it is one of the heaviest coolers out there.

    My personal preference for coolers is either the noisecontrol silverado (about 400-450 grams) or the volcano 7+ (a little less than the silverado), or alternatively buying one of those noisy delta fans and using a zalman fanmate to reduce the fan speed. Many people report success in being able to remove the whine of the deltas (ok, more like the scream) when they reduce fanspeed. Fanmates are really easy to use, and I just bought a bunch for my old athlon slot a for really cheap.
  3. the stock cooler is perfectly fine if you're not gonna do overclocking with it.

    temps will be on the high side, but thats nothing the cpu cant handle.

    personally though i would steer clear of any coolers that only use 1 of the socket lugs to hold it in place as its less reliable than using all 3. (MCXC-370 uses all 3)

    plus if it is a heavish heatsink, at or above the 300g limit then using all 3 lugs is a necessity, unles su want the HSF to break off.

    for sheer cooling ability though, not much goes beyond the volcano 7+, or the MCX462 (big brother of the MCXC370)

    i have the MCX462 and i say that its mounting mechanism truly rocks.
    it is a large (80mm X 80mm) HSF so it mounts through the 4 holes in the motherboard.
    once its screwed in its impossible to remove, save for ripping the motherboard in half, and the method of mounting ensures that despite its 700g weight its virtually impossible to crush the core (unless one is a complete MORON)
    ive removed & replaced my MCX462 well over 8 times now, without damaging anything.

    one final thing about the MCX462, you can mount any old 80mm fan ontop of it... super slow, super fast or variable speed. it rocks.

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  4. FYI: <A HREF=",,30_118_756_759^1039^1050,00.html" target="_new">AMD Athlon Recommended HSF List</A>. They've got quite a few listed that are rated for 1900+.

    I know you are looking for recommendations based on experience, but some may find this useful for starting the search.



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  5. Wether OC or not...using a heatsink that is securly fixed to the motherboard, like the Swiftech, Alpha, and others, coupled with a spacer is a good Idea. If the HSF combo is attached to the motherboard it will be less likely to damage the CPU during transport. All heatsinks put stress on the die but using a space can minimize the negative effects.

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  6. ive got that swiftech heat sink. i am very pleased with it, simple to install, very good performer. my 2000xp runs at about 45c at full load, thats about 85f ambient temp. its pretty hard to do much better than that with air cooling anyway.

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  7. That is not bad. That is about 0.26C/W.

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  8. ok, whatever that means :)

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  9. It means that the temperature will go up 0.26C per Watt. That is not a figure.

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