vote New sticky/perma thread needed For Game lag tips

Dear ALL tommy's out there,

:bounce: Could we vote to create a new sticky thread with basic troubleshooting steps for the following repeating questions:

:fou: game drops frames randomly
:fou: stuttering in ....... game
:fou: all games work fine, but 1 game is dropping frames randomly
:fou: my game runs choppy and then smooth
:fou: game running smooth then drops from z fps to x-yy fps suddenly
:fou: my system is lagging extremely with .....
:fou: the game used to be fast, now slows down in intervals

You get the idea...
Please share ideas and Vote on this sticky to make it permanent..... please feel free to comment/make suggestions/discuss something I probably missed. :non:

Like A Three Part Diagnostic Routine

(Yes, in this order, steps are ordered Easy to Time-needed to Skill):

◙Check hardware
- PC meets recommended requirements
- PSU has enough wattage
- is case clean inside,
- any parts overheating
- any hardware changed/removed
- all cards, ram modules,cables and connectors securely plugged and seated
- boot-time disk checked for errors
- restored BIOS defaults in BIOS menu's/CLEAR_CMOS jumper
- tried swopping PSU if possible
- ran MEMTEST in Startup repair mode on Windows 7 Install disc(F6 during dvd boot)
- updated BIOS to latest

◙Check software
- any unexpected or unknown processes eating cpu/memory usage, additional to the game's executable
- have you checked the windows logs in Event viewer
- Crossfire/SLI setup properly
- tried newer/older versions of drivers and are they WHQL certified
- ran DXDIAG.exe
- reinstalled DirectX -made sure its not the developer/SDK edition
- defragmented your hard drives
- updated the game
- scanned for malware
- used tools like OCCT, Sisoft Sandra, GPU-Z, CPU-Z etc to monitor temperatures and timings
- uninstalled gfx drivers in safe-mode(F8 before Windows starts),rebooted, and then reinstalled them
- reinstalled game

◙Supply details to problem
- if you tried all these basic troubleshooting techniques and simply cannot figure it out, post your question with details:
- Like PC specifications, cpu, ram, graphics card/s and motherboard names
- Software your running, Windows 8, -7, -XP, -Vista, Mac, Linux
- Some idea how/when it happens
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  1. You could add a games crash part and include run memtest, OCCT etc. Also add an include XXXX info if you post when the above does not work.
  2. Thx
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