Will it run

hi guys i will order gta iv episodes from liberty city and i wonder if my pc will run it smooth i got a 17 inc display my pc specs
cpu:amd athlon x2 250 overclocked to 3.5
vga : ati 6790 overclocked to 925 mhz
ram:4gb ddr3 1600mhz
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  1. sure it will
  2. GTA liberty city stories is same reqs i thinks a GTA IV, soooooo you should get a steady 60+ fps

    Im pretty sure eve If you declock the gfx to 750 and 900 it will still run like a dream..
  3. thank u guys i really love the game and hope it would run good i even bought the video card only to run this game
  4. But will it blend?
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