Borderlands 2 CD Key invalid

So I purchased and installed an EVGA 660Ti Superclocked (From Microcenter) yesterday and redeemed my Promo Borderlands 2 code through Nvidia's website tonight. At the end of it all, they (Nvidia) Emailed me a 'CD-key' for the game. When I open Steam and go to redeem product code, this code comes back as invalid. I'm wondering if there's any trick to doing this (no dashes or swap 6 with G, etc.). The obvious answer is to call them, but i called at 9:30 EST and after getting the runaround for 30 minutes, was told to call the tech support number, which closes at 10PM. Needless to say I missed them by 1 minute!

Thanks for any help, although I have a feeling that I need to call them in the morning.

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  1. Borderlands 2 that doesn't get released until September 18th, 2012?
  2. rybussell said:
    Borderlands 2 that doesn't get released until September 18th, 2012?

    That might explain it yes... Maybe try again after the game is released?
  3. yea try when the game is released, there is no reason they would let you play the game before everyone else.
  4. I'd call the support and let them fix it. There's no way you should have to wait for release, especially since you get additional bonuses if you register it before the release date.
  5. I had the same problem, and after many try, i logged on my steam account on an other computer (one of my friend) and the activation worked ! I'am now installing the game on my computer but the activation worked on an other one. I don't know why but it works, i think it's a Steam problem so if you can try this method and confirm its success.
    Thanks and good luck
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