PSP games take long to load

I play regurarly on my PSP. The games on my psp take much longer to load than videos I have seen gameplay of. Does anyone know why? I have a psp 3000 model.
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    Disc dirty or laser lens dirty? <-- carefully use an earbud and a tiny amount surgical spirits, and LIGHTLY roll the earbud over the eye of the lens.

    Is the battery fully charged?
  2. The time of the loading doesn't change if the battery if full, low or plugged in. I am not quite sure what you mean by laser lens and rolling the earbud over the eye of the lens.
  3. The reason I asked about the battery is because:
    If the PSP is on charge contiinuosly while playing, combined with the heat your hand make, could heat up the PSP and may cause damage if they are kept warm hours on end.

    The lens. there where you insert the it and look inside...
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