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OS: Win7 64Bit Home Premium
Hardware: See Signature

Problem: At random time and location the client crashes (I assume it crash) and there is like a curtain that covers the whole screen. I have Teamspeak and I can still talk and hear peeps but can't seem t do anything else with windows. Ctl+Alt+Del don't even bring up the task manager. This issue started on Aug 28. I upgradd the GPU from and HD 4870 to HIS Radeon HD 7850 Fan version and it was fine for 2 weeks. Not sure weather it's the GPU or the game since they patch it every Tuesday.

Now please don't comment on how bad the game is or how bad AMD is. I'm looking for viable solutions only
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  1. You mean your SWTOR game is crashing? You can try clicking the Repair button just before you launch Play, it's at the lower left corner. It'll fix your game.
  2. Thanks Ven, I need to try that.
  3. I have had a similar problem running SWTOR on a 7850. The game minimises at random intervals.
  4. Update: When I openned this thread I was in a panic because I thought I would have to find another GPU and stop playing for a bit. =(

    I had this problem 2x while in Denova 16 man Story Mode. During the week I've been in several 8 man ops and had no problem. This week I will find out when we do Denova 16 man again.
  5. Update: Last night Denova 16man Story Mode had no problems so I'm thinking it might have been a server issue.

    Please close this thread.
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