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I just assembled my new computer and am getting CPU temps maxing out at about 53C, thats fine for me since i don't care to overclock and just wanted a quite fan , i'm using the swiftech mcx370-0A with the papst fan on top, runs pretty quiet, the machine is a Athlon XP2000+ with an Antec TruePower 330W inside a Lian-Li PC7 case with two front intakes and a rear exhuast. My main problem is that my ambient temps are getting in the 43C range which I think may be slightly too high, is this correct? Should I be conserned. I have rounded cables and everything is neat and orderly so i can't see why airflow would be the problem. Am i just parinoid or should I woryr. I think my GeForce4 Ti4400 may be generating a lot of heat but still...also the exhaust comming from the case fan seems cool enough but out of the power supply its hot hot hot....the exahust doesn't seem like even close to 43C though, it seems like room temp. Thanks for any help anyone can provide.


I've removed the case panels and the temps only drop by around 4C , also the Antec power Supply doesn't seem to be moving much air at all, expecially compared with my exhaust fan
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  1. Maybe where you are placing the com[puter would affec the airflow becuase if it is expeling cool air and then taking it back in the front then the computer would get pretty hot, also maybe your room and location where your computer is to bit on the warm side? i dunno but tempurature under 65ºc and 60ºC would be good. BTW does your GF4 Ti4400 has a good place to exchange air? Also maybe all the heat from the GF4 Ti4400 and the CPu chip are [prpduceing heat that is rising to the top of the case? I am not that sure. I'm just posting a suggestion. It might be right i am not sure but other people would have mor experiance then me. BUt this is my thought on it. Maybe if you choose you could build/make your own water cooling kit. =), if you do make your own water cooling kikt GL and HF and tell me how it goes.

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  2. Check out this for a water cooling crazy-guy
    <A HREF="" target="_new"> Zero Fan Cooling Zone </A>

    <A HREF="" target="_new"> System Spec </A>
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