How much should I raise my voltage?

I'm running on a P4S533 w/ a 2.0A Pentium 4. At an FSB of 115 (1.3GHz) the system is rock solid stable, but at 120 it doesn't get past the Windows boot menu. I'm guessing it's probably the voltage that needs to be increased. How much is needed for it to reach a speed of 1.4 or beyond? Thanks.
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  1. Every cpu is different when overclocking. Some do not need voltage adjustments and others do.

    The best answer is to raise it one step at a time and check for stability. Then use the lowest voltage setting that is stable.

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  2. Do you mean 2.3GHz? What is the voltage now?

    My firewall tastes like burning. :eek:
  3. Sorry, yes, I meant 2.3 GHz. I suppose I really shouldn't post at 4:00 AM in the morning. :o
  4. I know what you mean about posting in the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes if I'm not careful, I'll think I'm posting useful info and when I get a notice that someone replied, it turns out to be a flame cuz I re-read my post and see I only spewed useless dribble.

    Anyways, remember that raising your Vcore will increase the heat that your CPU will generate. Since the weather where I'm at is getting warmer, I've had to lower my overclock (from 1704@12*142 w/1.8v to 1680@12*140 w/1.725v) so as to keep my load temps under 48C. Now I'm seeing 46C under load and when the temp outside is cool, I'll idle around 38~39C.

    So, just keep a close eye on your temps and don't let it get above 60C (just a rule of thumb I use). Someone with a P4 will be able to tell you a better temp that remains stable. I'm using an XP1500+.

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  5. I'd raise it to 1.85v. If it overheats, get a better cooler. Go as high as you can in MHz, then try backing of the core voltage until you find the lowest voltage by which it will run at it's highest speed.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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