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GTA 5 on ps3 or on pc??

I know that gta 5 wont be released in a while, but i was wondering what i should get it on, ps3 or PC. Ive always loved playing gta 4 on ps3, but i want the best gaming experience as well and was wondering if it would be better on pc. I got a G74 laptop as well as a Desktop with i7-950 @4ghz, 2000mhz ram and a overclocked 6950 gpu, so they both should be able to handle gta 5 without a problem. But i do like my ps3 as well, what do you guys think??
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  1. PC definitely
  2. Do you reckon my desktop would be able to handle gta5 on max settings, 1080p, same with the laptop?? They both seem to run gta 4 on max settings without a problem, I like playing my games at the highest detail. Cheers in advance =)
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    Hard to say for an unreleased game but I would think the desktop can if not then with all but the aa maxed. As for the latop I have no idea. It will play it with better settings than the PS3 anyway.
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  5. Yea thats true, i think the ps3 would be running it at 720p as well so it wont be full hd which is pretty crap these days. Cheers for the quick response !
  6. I always go for the PC version of a game. The game is cheaper to buy and the PC is capable of much better graphics and gameplay than a console. PC hardware constantly evolves over time whereas console hardware is stationary for long periods without development. Also, you can use the consoles controllers on a PC, which negates the need for a console in most cases.
  7. Yep thats true, i might actually connect my laptop to my tv and run the controller of it and play gta5. Is there a way to connect the ps3 controller to the laptop via bluetooth? or does it only work when its directly connected, ive heard some people doing it but not sure if it was true. I find playing in the lounge more fun than playing in my room or in the study =='
  8. also, think of the games longetivity on pc when you consider all the mods that will come for it. i got gta4 for xbox and only beat it once. i still play san andreas on my pc.
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